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North Vancouver Eagle Watching Tours


Three things come to mind when people think about eagles, freedom, power and transcendence. You can also think of them as the lions of the sky, a predator that can see camouflaged prey from two or more miles up.

If the thought of seeing eagles in the wild excites you, come visit us at, Eagles North Vancouver, to sweeten the deal let me tell you why bird watching is good for you. I know you are thinking “slow down there buddy, I see birds everyday just by looking up why should I pay for it?”

We are a big company with lots of experience; this means that we know our stuff. Ask yourself this when was the last time you saw an eagle take down its prey? Or how long does it take you to find these awesome creatures when you are alone in the wild bored out of your mind? Try an eagle watching and salmon charter combo!

The thing is bird watching is always better with others, however not everyone is in to it, this means that it doesn’t make sense to drag your spouse or child who has no interest in bird watching to come with you. What we provide is a service for like-minded individuals who have a thing for eagles. Question still remains why choose us?


One of the most important things to do before you visit a location is to learn about it first, normally this is an activity that requires you to read guidebooks, history, travel articles and local cultures. The problem is for most people all of that is plain old boring. Another amazing trip of a life time worth checking out is a day on the water searching for Killer Whales with Steveston Seabreeze Adventures.

As a company we understand the importance of not boring our clients to death, what we have done is we have created very helpful tutorial videos that you can view to learn all of that in less than an hour. Now if that ain’t a great deal I don’t know what is.

Daytime or night time

We are a big company with lots of staff; this means that we have the ability to provide personalized services to our clients. Want a daytime eagle watching tour? We will give you that or do you want a nighttime eco-tour? We will also give you that at discounted prices.

You see the awesome thing about having many clients is we don’t have to charge exorbitant prices for our services. This has made us the go to company in Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia.

Soar with the eagles

Trust me if we could we would give you wings, but seeing how that is not possible we did the next best thing. Gondolas and eagles, I know you are thinking how? Tour companies have used gondolas for a very long time, because come on who can resist a gondola ride? And you get the added benefit of watching eagles.

Tour leaders

As a company we understand that tour leaders are the single most important people in this business, that’s why we have hired experienced professionals who share your enthusiasm for eagles.

To ensure that we offer the best services in Vancouver we keep our tour groups small, this makes it easier for us to keep you comfortable and well informed for the entirety of the tour.

Contact us to book your tour or to learn a thing or two about eagles, also like our social media pages and help us show the world what it’s missing.